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Building an Automated CI/CD Pipeline to Perform Production Deployments in 65% Less Time

In today’s digital world, enterprises are only as good as their underlying applications

With so many enterprise applications requiring new releases of features and functionality on a regular basis, businesses are looking to automate testing by deploying a DevOps-enabled continuous integration/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline that saves time, ensures security and reduces risk.

When a leading multinational hotel chain and longtime EPAM customer needed to automate deployment for its loyalty apps and reduce reliance on manual testing, EPAM stepped in to deliver a complex technology solution – a CI/CD pipeline – that helped the client to deploy its applications in 65% less time.

Key Challenges

  • Building a solution that can be used across 30+ loyalty apps
  • Overcoming an inefficient manual testing process
  • Automating deployment with a CI/CD pipeline

Solution Highlights

EPAM enlisted a team of expert developers, testers and managers to automate and improve the old deployment process. As a result of the automated integration and deployment pipelines, the client’s new process only requires a resource manager and project manager to complete each release. It’s simple: the resource manager presses a button, and then the project manager reports on the results. It looks like this:

The Results

EPAM built and implemented the solution across two enterprise apps in just two weeks, accomplishing the following milestones for the customer:

  • Reduced loyalty application deployment time from 2 hours to 40 minutes, which equates to ~67% time and cost savings
  • Developed a roadmap to implement the solution across all other enterprise apps (30+) as well as new applications
  • Created a turnkey solution that can be re-used across the customer’s business to save time and money


With plans to deploy over 100 releases every year, the savings will add up quickly for the customer, and users will have access to better, more bug-free applications faster than ever before.

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“This is a major milestone. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!”

The Customer’s Director Of CLM Product Management


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