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Untangling Web3

Untangling Web3

The complex idea of Web3 has confounded many – how about you? If so, don’t worry: There’s no shame in being intimidated by the concept. Understanding both the technical aspects and business implications of Web3 is no simple matter. That’s why we brought together our experts, Alexandra "Sasha" Pitkevich, EPAM’s Blockchain Lead, and Érica Moreti, Head of Strategy & Innovation and Physical Experience, EMEA at EPAM Continuum, to define the term and field a few questions about what Web3 means to us, our customers and the business world in general. Get smart about Web3 by listening to these two! 

Web3 Resources

  1. The Web3 Foundation website provides some good introductory materials for the curious executive.
  2. Step back and admire the architecture of a Web3 application.
  3. This Q&A with Gavin Wood may prompt you to trade trust for truth.
  4. Here’s why Web3 matters.
  5. The promise of hyper-personalization that Moreti spoke about can found in our two Me2B blog posts.
  6. At this post, you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about tokenized networks (but were afraid to ask). 


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