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GenAI 2024: Realities
and Hallucinations

GenAI 2024: Realities and Hallucinations

It’s a new moment for generative AI, or so says Rowan Curran, Senior Analyst at Forrester, our recent guest on The Resonance Test. “2023 [was] the year of excitement and experimentation, and 2024 is the year of optimization and efficiency,” Curran tells Elaina Shekhter, EPAM’s Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer and SVP. In a vigorous and optimistic conversation, the pair parse the realities and hallucinations of GenAI. This episode gives you a chance to eavesdrop on an informed conversation regarding the commercial and economic models of successful generative AI. If you seek to know how this technology will affect productivity or alter the shape of work, today and tomorrow, you will download this podcast with all due human speed.



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