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Consumers Unmasked: 
Stage 4

  • Addressing New Spending Habits and Behaviors in a World Disrupted by the Pandemic and Economic Changes

Consumers Unmasked: Stage 4

Addressing New Spending Habits & Behaviors in a World Disrupted by the Pandemic & Economic Changes

Designed to help brands understand consumer attitudes and actions in the past 18 months, the final installment of EPAM Continuum’s longitudinal study details qualitative findings and reviews habits that were formed during and after the pandemic, with the onset of the war and the increase in the cost of living.

Consumers Unmasked answers these questions:

  • What new habits were formed during the past 18 months? Which will stick or grow in prominence? Which will fade? 
  • What’s influencing consumers’ shopping decisions? To what extent do ethics and sustainability affect their choices? 
  • What’s influencing consumers’ loyalty?

If you are in marketing, innovation or customer experience, this study is for you. It will give you a full picture about evolving consumer needs and interests during a period of changes in the world, and actions to take to stay relevant in this rapid evolving market. 


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