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Karl Robb joined the EPAM Board of Directors in March 2004 as an Exec Board Member and served as a Non-Exec Board Member since 2015.

A 39-year global veteran of the software engineering and IT Solutions industries, Mr. Robb has spent his career working in Western Europe, the United States and in Eastern Europe. Mr. Robb retired in 2015 from his full-time responsibilities as the Executive Vice President of EPAM Systems Inc. and the President of EPAM Systems Europe. He joined EPAM in 2004 when Fathom Technology, a Hungarian software engineering services company, which he co-founded and served as CEO, was acquired by EPAM Systems.

Prior to co-founding Fathom Technology in 2001, Mr. Robb served as Vice President of Softtek, one of Latin America’s largest IT Services providers, where he built and ran the North American “Software & e-Business Practice.”

In 1993, Mr. Robb co-founded Mobile Computing Systems, a Bay-Area Mobile Enterprise Development Platform and Vertical Applications provider in the U.S., UK, and Italy, which was acquired by the Malaysian Telecom operator. 

Previous to that he served as CEO of Victor Distribution A.B., a provider of specialized hardware and software solutions, covering 17 countries across Europe, North America, The Middle East, and Asia. Subsequently, following Victor Technologies’ acquisition by US’ Tandy Corp., he was promoted to Vice President of Business Development of the Sweden-based parent company, Victor Tandy Europe AB.

Mr. Robb began his career in 1982 with the global solutions provider ICL and spent seven years in the UK, Belgium, and Sweden in a variety of roles, including: Business Analyst, Sales, Product Management and Marketing and Major Account Management with EU Governmental Institutions.