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Senior Machine Learning Engineer China

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Senior Machine Learning Engineer Description

We are looking for a talented Senior Machine Learning Engineer specializing in Large Language Model (LLM) and Generative AI application development to join the team in China. As a Senior Machine Learning Engineer in the team, you will leverage cutting-edge language models and generative AI techniques to create innovative solutions, as well collaborating with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and deploy LLM-based applications.


  • Design and develop LLM-driven applications, including chatbots with complex workflow prompts and custom tools for LLM agents
  • Build data pipelines for external knowledge retrieval of LLMs
  • Stay updated on the cutting-edge Generative AI technologies and integrate them into our applications
  • Integrated various technology stacks to develop AI products
  • Understand the requirement precisely and effectively communicate complex ideas with senior team members
  • Collaborate with IT teams and project managers to support different use cases
  • Implement and manage LLMOps processes, ensuring efficient deployment, monitoring and optimization of LLMs in production


  • Possess diverse experience in building products using GPT and other Large Language Models
  • Proficient with LLM ecosystems and frameworks like LangChain, LlamaIndex, Langfuse, OpenAI, etc
  • Have at least 3 years of experience in developing and deploying software and artificial intelligence products
  • Demonstrate a strong proficiency in Python
  • Familiar with data technologies such as SQL and vector databases
  • Understand software engineering principles and experience in building scalable and production-ready applications
  • Familiar with Azure cloud platform and system architecture of LLM solutions


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Life at EPAM

  • EPAM Systems Inc. (EPAM) is a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company
  • We are committed to having a positive impact on our customers, our employees, and our communities. We embrace a dynamic and inclusive culture. Here you will collaborate with multi-national teams, contribute to various innovative projects that deliver the most creative and cutting-edge solutions, and have an opportunity to learn and grow continuously

How We Hire

  • Here, we summarize the typical journey to finding a job within EPAM
  • Apply and tell us about yourself
  • Go through some standard interviews:
    • General interview with a recruiter
    • Technical interview with our technology experts
    • Manager interview or Offer interview with a hiring manager
  • Get ready to join the team
  • Not sure if you meet all the requirements? No problem. Let’s talk anyway and find out more!
  • It takes 1 min of application to start the journey with us. Apply now!



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