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Angelina Arreola: How Soft Skills Make an Impact at EPAM

Angelina Arreola: How Soft Skills Make an Impact at EPAM 

Angelina Arreola is not just a Senior Delivery Manager; she also leads the Cloud Practice at EPAM Mexico. However, her journey with the company has not been a linear one. Her professional career with EPAM launched when she joined us as a language and translation expert who continuously collaborated with tech companies. That was 13 years ago, and during her time with us, she’s also been polishing her already vast skill set and developing a strong understanding of the multiple dimensions of the tech ecosystem to become a figurehead of the industry. 

Angelina addresses the crowd at our Tech Talk in Queretaro, Mexico

During her first few years in the world of IT, Angelina got the chance to work with clients across multiple industries and help them truly integrate and adapt to the Latin American market, which led her to become an expert in Service Delivery and Cloud Services.

As EPAM has been growing its workforce in Latin America, Angelina is one of the leaders fueling the region’s growth. She searches the current market and technology landscape to help her businesses expand into the region, implement the right technologies, and find the right talent to ensure that they can reach their business goals and have the right tech to continue to grow. 

But that’s not all: she also works with one of the biggest tech companies in the world to help them evolve their infrastructure and move away from the data center and into AWS.

Angelina elaborates on the EPAM Culture in Guadalajara

EPAM is a great place for people that want to lead a team of engineers and drive industries forward. However, in Angelina’s eyes, being the best coder in the world is only one part of the equation. “EPAM offers the chance to be a true architect. Our clients know that we have the highest level of engineering, so they allow us to create solutions or transform existing ones. Plus, you get to work with companies of the highest caliber, which is something you don’t get in a lot of places,” shares Angelina. 

The career journey is also something that Angelina highlights. It’s not uncommon for someone to start on our support team and grow to become a senior leader at the company. 

When you join EPAM, you’ll walk a path of skill development and professional evolution—and you’ll be able to take your career in the direction you’ve always wanted to. 

EPAM is a place where you can truly make an impressive impact on the world, work with the highest caliber of engineers and technology and discover your future self while advancing your career. 

Yet, there’s one more quality that makes EPAMers successful. While technical skills are at the core of it all, we must always remember that our team and clients are human. Therefore, developing our communication, active listening, and empathy skills are key to our success in the world, according to Angelina.  

To solve clients’ problems and pain points, we must be able to connect with them, listen to their concerns, and communicate solutions clearly. Furthermore, soft skills allow us to deepen our bonds with colleagues, which in turn helps us successfully finish projects, innovate and drive our business forward. 

Angelina also highlights the benefit of EPAM’s diverse workforce. Our unique cultural experiences individual projects, and career journeys are our strengths. We approach problems with new ideas, years of experience and a drive to collaborate and find the best solution. Mentors and professional growth paths allow each EPAMer to learn from others and grow their career. 

To close off, she reminds us that the constantly changing nature of our industry means that we’re always learning and growing as individuals. We must know the latest and greatest innovations on the scene to point clients in the right direction.

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